The Cincinnati Reds are set to clash with the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field on May 31, 2024, with the first pitch scheduled for 2:20 PM under potentially overcast skies. Graham Ashcraft, the Reds’ pitcher with a 4.667 ERA, will take the mound to face the Cubs’ Javier Assad, who boasts a commendable ERA of 2.172.

In the current NL Central Division rankings, the Reds sit in 12th place with a 24-32 record, reflecting a 0.43 winning percentage. They have a divisional record of 2-4 and find themselves in 5th place. Their recent performance shows a mixed bag with 5 victories in their last 10 outings, and they are trying to bounce back from a two-game losing streak. The Reds have performed differently home and away, recording 14 wins at home versus 17 losses, and 10 wins against 15 losses on the road. Their day game performance, with 10 wins, compares to a slightly better performance in night games, with 14 victories. Overall, the team has scored 227 runs and conceded 236.

On the other side, the Cubs hold the 8th position in the division with a 28-29 record, a 0.49 winning percentage. They are positioned third in the division with a record of 6-10. Despite experiencing 2 wins in their most recent 10 games and the same two-game losing streak, the Cubs have a stronger home field advantage with a 15-11 record, versus 13-18 on the road. Day games have seen them win 12 times, with night games resulting in 16 victories. The Cubs’ runs scored totals 244, with 254 runs allowed.

The betting odds for this matchup suggest a close game, with a PointSpread of -1.5 and an OverUnder of 8.0. For those wagering on the moneyline, the AwayTeamMoneyLine stands at 126 while the HomeTeamMoneyLine is set at -148. These figures indicate a slight edge towards the Chicago Cubs, particularly considering their better performance in recent home games.